CD Cuando la luz aparece CUANDO LA LUZ APARECE

This is a piano solo CD. All arrangements are by Wim Warman.

1) Para Troilo y Salgán (Luis Salinas), tango
2) Cuando la luz aparece (Wim Warman), milonga bordoneo
3) Colores de Tango (Wim Warman), tango
4) Al rey del compás (Wim Warman), tango
5) A la parilla (Wim Warman), milonga/latin-jazz
6) Al florescer (Wim Warman), milonga
7) Just a mood (Wim Warman), ballad...just like the title says: Lots of atmosphere.
8) 'Round midnight (Thelonious Monk), milonga campera/bolero

Review of the CD in 'Muziekwereld' of the NTB

Review of the CD in 'La Cadena', the most important tango magazine in the Netherlands

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