The CD "The Forest" is a mixture of different Latin-Fusion pieces with each having its own story. All arrangements are by Wim Warman.

The other musicians: George Koulas (drums), Mick Paauwe (bass), Jens Kerkhoff (percussion), Olaf Fase (drums), Arno Griffioen (bass) and Rinco Knoop (alto and soprano sax).

1) Carenia (Emily Remler), a sparkling samba.
2) The Forest (Wim Warman), title piece...Fusion with a Latin touch. Also trades of Argentinian Tango is found here.
3) Utru Horas (Radolphe Gomis), a hypnotizing guajira originally by La Orquestra Baobab from Senegal. This arrangement has a jazzy touch.
4) Nonayme (Wim Warman), pronounce: No Name. Virtuosity and happiness.
5) Milonga Para Anja (Wim Warman), milonga-duet with piano and UDU (kind of vase from Nigeria).
6) Fragile (Sting), a 3/4 Latin-Jazz arrangement, very dynamically.
7) Atmosphere (Wim Warman), ballad...just like the title says: Lots of atmosphere.
8) Rondo Alla Turca (W.A. Mozart), spectacular Latin version of this classic.

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