"Already after 10 seconds it's clear, That energy, that swing and that groovy left hand: that can only be pianist Wim Warman.
His new CD "Brisa" opens with the titeltrack, which gives a beautiful overview of the mood of all 9 pieces.
Everything that makes Warman into Warman, it's all there.
One moment he touches the keys with velvet gloves,
the other moment the wonderful sounding Bösendorfer almost seems to collapse under his powerful force.
And always there's that addictive swing.
It's impossible just to listen quietly on the couch: everything inside you wants to dance along with it.
His appearance does not reveal anything, but according to me there's no other way: somewhere in Wim's pedigree there must have flown Latino blood.
Almost all compositions on the CD have been written by himself,
in an idiom which clearly has its own stamp.
For example, listen to "Sin mi mitad" or "My Inspiration";
two melodious, slower pieces.
In the CD booklet, "Sin mi mitad" has been described as "simple, yet deep from the heart".
Indeed, Warman does not need many words to say touch his audience.
His music convinces by incredible fun in playing, technical virtuosity, and very original compositions.
After the recording of "Borges y Paraguay" of Bajofondo Tango Club (!) and the Brazilian "Feira de Mangaio",
probably an experienced piano tuner must have been needed to restore the precious grand piano again.
This typifies the unbridled energy of this pianist.
Nine pieces of fireworks!"

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