Ruud Bergamin & Wim Warman, TangoZZs (by Cor Glorie)

"Again a CD of Wim Warman?", I was thinking when I received the CD 'TangoZZs'.
Because in my imagination the release of his CD 'Brisa' seemed to be only 3 months ago.
My eardrums are still recovering from Warman's mighty left hand...
This time it's a joined project of Wim together with saxophonist Ruud Bergamin,
who is apparently cut from the same Jazz- and Latin-drenched cloth as Warman.
I am a fan of the 'Warman-interpretation' of contempary and authentic Argentinian tango's;
full of fire and dynamics, but also silence and emotion at times.
A fascinating contrast, which sometimes - fiercely but still controlled -
derails into virtuoso improvisations.
The live recording of the duo in the Van Capellenhuis in Capelle aan de IJssel is no exception to this idiom.
The applause in between the pieces have been filtered away, but this does not take anything away
from the spontaneity and energy of a live concert.
The clapping hands after a solo, the rare little misses in piano or saxophone,
this also keeps the energy of 'live' going.
Remarkable is, that the own compositions 'Like a Tango' of Bergamin and 'Bordoneando' and especially 'Sin mi mitad' of Warman
maintain their importance effortlessly next to classics like Malena and 'Ché Bandoneón'.
Actually they surpass them in these versions.
Only negative thing about 'TangoZZs' is that the CD is only 35 minutes in lenght.
Music of this quality should be pressed into every possible bit of a CD!

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